6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Email Blasts

Posted by Kevin Ulrich on 26 October 2016

In a world where social media and other forms of digital marketing are beginning to take over, it's important not to completely overlook some alternative means of reaching your customer base. Email marketing is one tried-and-true option that can still yield conversions and improve brand recognition—but it's all about strategically planning your email blasts. By following a few simple tips, you may enjoy better conversion rates from your email marketing campaigns.

Don't Overlook the Subject Line

All too often, subject lines are overlooked when writing an email for a blast campaign. However, it's important to remember that your subject line is the first thing your readers will see, and the text of your subject could very well decide whether they click or ignore the email. Specifically, avoid over-selling or being too aggressive in your subject lines; instead, keep it simple and enticing. Oh, and avoid USING ALL CAPS.

Schedule Blasts Accordingly

The timing of your email blast is just as important as the content of your blast, so be sure to do research on your target audience to determine when they're most likely to be checking their mail. Studies have found that peak time for opening emails for most people falls between 2PM and 4PM on weekdays. Of course, your audience could be different, so don't neglect to consider these intricacies. 

Keep it Short and Simple

When was the last time you opened and actually read an email that was more than a couple paragraphs in length? If you've come across a longer email recently, you probably skimmed it in an effort to gather the main points before moving on. Maybe you ignored it altogether. Either way, it's always good to keep email blasts short, sweet, and to-the-point. Use subheadings and bulleted lists where applicable to make the content more easy to read and skim.

Invite Readers to Follow-Up

Ultimately, your email blast should have a purpose and a specific call-to-action that encourages readers to do something. This could mean encouraging them to contact your company, sign up for a service, or simply visit your website. Regardless of your specific goals, be sure to end your email with a strong and clear call-to-action so there is no confusion as to what your readers should do next. 

Personalize Your Message

Even though you may be sending out this email blast to hundreds or even thousands of people on your mailing list, it's a good idea to make readers feel like they're the only one receiving the email, or as though they're part of some kind of exclusive group. This is where personalization of your message can go a long way. Email personalization options can include anything from adding the person's name to the subject line of the email or even setting up an automated behavioral trigger email. 

Check for Consistency Across Platforms

Finally, before you send out an email blast, always perform due diligence by sending out "test" emails and checking how they display on various mobile platforms and applications. The last thing you want is for a portion of your email list to not be able to view the email (or any attached images) properly when they attempt to open it. Talk about a recipe for unsubscribing customers and lost conversions!

Email blasts, when planned and executed properly, can be an incredibly successful means of digital marketing for any brand. As you prepare for your next blast, be sure to keep these tips in mind to increase your chances for success. You might be surprised at the conversions you can achieve.