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Why do we recommend SilverStripe CMS?

Posted by Kevin Ulrich on 17 February 2017

In our professional opinion, SilverStripe CMS is the simply the best open-source content management system on the market today.

Key features of SilverStripe:

  • Award winning open source CMS and framework
  • An easy-to-use WYSIWIG interface for editing website content
  • Some editing features include drag & drop functionality. 
  • No html knowledge required by content editors
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Automatic navigation menu updating
  • Ability to manage media – images, audio, video, pdf documents, or other industry specific file formats
  • A drag and drop media manager for uploading & organizing files
  • Asset manager syncs with file repository on server so files can also be transferred through FTP
  • Developers can tailor the admin editing functions based on varying content types (e.g. events, types of products, types of services, courses, white papers, locations) 
  • SEO friendly so that search engines can find relevant content on your site
  • Page draft previewing
  • Page versioning & rollback
  • Automated XML Sitemap – to inform search engines about the website pages that are available for indexing
  • Image manipulation i.e. cropping, resizing etc. within the CMS
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Easy management of heading structure (H1 – H2 – H3 etc.)
  • Paste as Text and Import from Word functions facilitating the easy re-purposing of Microsoft Word Content

Key benefits and why they are important:

  • Intuitive administrative tool
    Administrative users can easily understand how to edit page content with only a small amount of training and instruction.
  • Extendable framework
    It allows a developer to easily customize the admin tool in order to meet business-specific requirements.
  • Standards-based system that is well documented with a global support community
    Programming, database design, and web development technologies can be complicated. If something happens, you can find another developer to perform common maintenance and development tasks on the site without them having to guess about how a proprietary system was built.
  • Documentation
    SilverStripe is well documented on the inner workings of the code base. This is important so that a website developer can spend less time trying to figure out how the framework is built and more time on customizing your site or application.
  • Normalized database structure
    A normalized database structure is key to software application development. Inefficient queries can bog down system resources and slow down a website. Efficient queries allow for quick data lookups and data reporting can be more easily customizable. The framework is built so that custom data must adhere to database normalization rules.
  • Automatic and partial caching for performance improvements
    The front-end is not restricted to page-level caching. It can instead be configured so that common sections are cached as blocks that all users see in the same way. 
  • Page Rollback
    If an administrative user makes a data-entry mistake that messes up a page on the live site. The page can be easily rolled back to a previous version and republished.
  • OS Portability
    SilverStripe can run on either a Linux or a Windows based operating system.
  • Microsoft Certified Web App
    SilverStripe is one of a very small number of open source PHP applications that has been certified to run on the Common Web Platform. More Info.
  • Tiered Workflow Approvals - Add-On*
    Administrative users can be assigned to a workflow process and multiple sign-offs can be required before pages can be published to the live site.
  • Multi-Language - Add-On*
    If you have a need to offer your customers the same site in a different language, the administrative interface can be configured to switch modes so that the administrate user can easily enter each of the content translations right next to the English version.